Sunday, September 20, 2009

USA Trip

So after lots of planning and saving Carl and I flew to the USA
left Sydney 1400 Sept 18, arrived San Francisco 1100 September 18 - the international time zones do my head in!

We are travelling with my friend Chris, her daughter Alyssa and we were supposed to have Reece along, Chris's partner, but the US Embassy is being weird about his visa, so we are hoping he can join us later.

long boring flight
i swear the leg space has got less in cattle class i really do

we checked in 3 hrs prior to the flight but couldnt get seats together!! 2 previous flights out of sydney had been cancelled for some reason, so they were squeezing them all into our flight
i got lucky and got moved to 'premium economy' - gave me a good 6 inches of extra leg space

arrived in SF - none of us slept beyond a doze - wish i could discover the trip of sleeping on long flights

I had organised a limo to transfer us in which was sheer luxury being greeted as we came out and then taken away
got to the hotel - checked in - they organised for chris and us to stay on the same floor - about 5 rooms away which is great

food was the next item on the agenda - had lovely italian - this is chris and i - can u tell how tired we are?

yesterday we did a city tour and alcatraz - will post that later

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

PMC Workshop

a while ago carl and i ran away for a short break and did 4 days of precious metal clay so here are the results - well some of them, still have to locate the others and photgraph them where does the time go?!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Finally getting a new kitchen! woohoo

so far the old one is ripped out

the bench tops went on today

the flowers are from the guys at work for my birthday sunday


So hows life people?
mine has been as busy as since i last posted
Christmas time my neice and great niece were up visiting grandpa and dropped into visit auntie
We of course spent time in the pool. and then we have Amanda the artist.